Dvortsovaya Promenade

Architect: Leonid Gornik

Address: 40 Fedoseevskaya st., Kazan, Russia

Creating a residential complex “Dvortsovaya Promenade,” we, first of all, strived to decorate the historic center of Kazan with some classical architecture. It is located near the promenade of Kazanka, where it gets its name from. Three buildings, as three palaces, are joined in the lower part by a common pedestal.

The historic center of any city boasts of its architectural sights. We tried to contribute and make our city’s look vivid, unique and memorable.

Different steeples on towers with patterns create an impression of an ancient thousand-year-old city.

“Dvortsovaya Promenade” and “The House of Agriculture” create a unified ensemble and perfectly fit the architectural look of the city.

The real classicism cannot exist without the columns, the telamon sculptures, and portals. All of these design features are displayed in abundance on the façades of “Dvortsovaya Promenade.”

Dvortsovaya Promenade animation