The House of Agriculture (Tatarstan Department of Food and Agriculture)

Architect: Leonid Gornik

Address: 36 Fedoseevskaya st., Kazan, Russia

While participating in the competition of building design for the House of Agriculture, our objective was to ensure that the project embodied our ideas about the restoration of the classical style forms, which combine strict laconic proportions and monumental features. After winning the competition we started building what we designed. On the seventeen thousand square meters territory, all of the construction work, including interior finishing and curb appeal, were completed in only two years. This is how Kazan city got its House of Agriculture.

Each building must be unique. In this particular project the center of the composition is the magnificent bronze tree, which is 20 meters high. It represents the cultivated nature and noble work of farmers.

The crown of the tree is decorated with the tracery arch, the upper corners of which are decorated with bás-reliefs of olive tree branches. The archivolt and olive branches make the leaves of the bronze tree.

The building is also decorated with winged snow leopards, which represents the symbol of statehood of the Republic of Tatarstan.

A special magnificence is added to the building in the evening with the help of illumination. In the evening the front part of the building is lit by the white light, whereas the tree and the central dome are lit by the green light. The different lights complement each other but mean different things: the tree represents the connection with the nature, and the dome is an example of the classical architecture in its modern execution.

Eight powerful projectors are coming from the dome base, creating a crown around the main central body.

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