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27.03.2010 – VESTI

Report about the Palace of Farmers

Report about the Palace of FarmersPart of the report “Minnikhanov: Now we have to rule Tatarstan”
01.03.2010 – Top Builder

Classics in modern interpretation

Classics in modern interpretationResidential Estate “Renaissance” is one of the most ambitious projects in the capital of Tatarstan Republic, its being developed by “Antica” Company.
12.02.2010 – Evening Kazan

Peaceful Farmers have laid siege on Kremlin

Arbitral Court of Tatarstan Republic shall clarify the boundaries of the preservation area of Kazan Kremlin in order to resolve the disputes about the legality of the construction of so called Palace of Farmers. On Wednesday during the court trial a number of maps and schemes were attached to the court case, however another one may recently arise…
01.02.2010 – Stroiexpertiza (Construction expertise)

Revival of the elegant classics

Revival of the elegant classicsThe classics rapidly stormed into our well organized life. The Company in charge of such storming entrance is “Antica” – architecture and construction The Historical center of Kazan City have changed, adding a number of residential houses and other buildings which may be referred to as the “State of the Art”. In the beginning of February this year, “Antica” company, aimed at construction in a form of elegant classics, have granted the city with the other creation – Palace of Farmers.
22.11.2009 – Residential House (Kazan) [Kommersant newspaper] №11 (12) as of 22.12.2009

Ordered to be eliminated

Ordered to be eliminatedTo evaluate the recent development from inside on the stage of construction, is the dream of many potential apartment buyers. However, the developers are not always “open for inspection”, and the non professional is not always able to examine the quality just “by the looks”. The reporters of “Residential House” and the specialists of the State Architectural Supervision of Tatarstan Republic have inspected a number of residential estates which are currently under construction.
20.10.2009 – Residential House (Kazan) [Kommersant newspaper] №9 (10) as of 20.10.2009

Not on the bottom now

The rise of the real estate market, which continues since the middle of August, in the middle of October have became a solid fact. There are grounds to estimate that the market have already hit the bottom and is currently on the rise. Deferred demand, which occurred during summer is currently transforming into real deals, and the sellers are expecting that they have to increase the prices reasonably soon. Comparative analysis of the prices on the newly built premises in Kazan confirms it.

15.09.2009 – Evening Kazan

Palaces to the Farmers

Palaces to the FarmersThe Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan Republic will soon be able to compete with Kazan Zoo on the number of predators. The New building of the Ministry, looking more like palace will be decorated with 24 snow leopards and 4 lions.
13.03.2009 – First Channel (Russia)

Report about the Palace of Farmers

Report about the Palace of FarmersAs a result of the construction of the building of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan Republic, Kazan Kremlin might be excluded from the list of the world heritage. In accordance to Rosokhrankultura (State body preserving culture), the new building featuring neoclassicism will inevitably destroy the historical unity of the ensemble of Kazan Kremlin, and the construction in the area of culture preserve is illegal. However in Kazan it is deemed that Rosokhrankultura dramatizes the current situation. And nor the 50 meter high broaches of the new building, nor the wharf which will appear on the bank of Volga river for the staff of the Ministry of Agriculture will be discordant with the unique looks of culture preserve.