Luxury apartments in elite residential house “Renaissance”

Architect: Leonid Gornik

Address: 11 Kasatkina st., Kazan, Russia

Residential house “Renaissance” consists of two nine-story buildings, occupying the area of 7000 square meters. These are two completely different architectural projects, however, they ideally fit the historic face of the city: the interpretation in the gothic and classical styles. They share the same rhythm, the perfect forms and the adherence to the architectural canons. Let’s have a closer look at each building.

This building is called “Neogothic” – it combines the new and the old. The profusion of architectural décor, the distinguished columns as well as other features are influenced by the gothic epoch. At the same time, the abundance of glass and glazed clinker return us into the modern times.

Taking a closer look at the building, we can see the detailed work of the entry ways, decorated by the sculptures of the sleeping lions. Generally speaking, the entryways are gothic with the intricately incorporated motifs of the eastern forms.

The second building of the complex is built entirely in the classic style. It is symmetric. The top of the building is decorated with the splendid central dome, the bottom – with the spacious terrace. High bay windows are supported by six powerful telamon sculptures, and the corners of the terrace feature magnificent Roman soldiers.

The classical building is called “Renaissance,” which means “rebirth”. Did we manage to revive the classics? Did we bring back the interest of the people to the past epochs, when the beauty of the forms was extremely important? Could we, through our own enthusiasm, show that the classics is alive and still excites and impresses by its magnificence? The time will give answers to these questions and make conclusions.