Luxurious residential estate on Kastkina street

Architect: Leonid Gornik

Address: 15 Kasatkina st., Kazan, Russia

Once we asked ourselves a question: what is a deluxe residential house? The answer was simple: spacious layouts, high ceilings, respectable façade and well thought-out engineering satiation. We decided to carefully approach all of the items on the list and, therefore, change the traditionally biased attitude of the public and the constructors to the notion of elite residence. Elite means unique, not similar to anything else, and the acquisition of “elite” features is the acquisition of a specific life style. Starting from this project, we began to gradually change the life style with the help of architecture. The notions of “elite” and “classicism” are very close. We attempted to combine them into one.

We got the idea to build a building in the classical style in the center of the city back in the 90-ies. The Administration of Kazan, having examined our work, aimed at the restoration of Kazan Kreml, provided a construction site and in 2002 the construction commenced.