Exquisite mansion in a fashionable district of Baku city

Architect: Leonid Gornik

Address: 236 Hasan Aliyev passage, Baku, Azerbaijan

The history of the palace construction began in 2001. One of the residents of Baku contacted us with a very interesting order. He requested to build a private residence in the classical style with the eastern elements in a prestigious region of the city. The palace needed to be spectacular compared to the adjacent buildings but not only in its size, but rather in the beauty and elegance of its architectural forms. Individual construction always requires special attention on the part of the constructor, thus, while working on this project, we took into consideration all of the wishes and ideas of the customer. Considering the climatic conditions, it was decided to build a lot of open terraces, which added a special atmosphere to the palace and served as a favorite recreational place of the owners and their guests.

This project was completed in two years. In the course of the palace construction, we developed new technologies and hired the top experts.

On the first stage of building, a massive and solid structure was built, which was filled with ceramic hollow brick. The brick structure was plastered and covered with moulded décor.

The finishing of the building features a lot of decorative marble elements. Their manufacture from the genuine stone is extremely costly. In the course of the construction, we developed a technology of manufacturing decorations from artificial (imitation) marble, which looks almost the same as the natural one and has almost the same strength and durability.

For a fast manufacture of all the artificial marble details, we set up a mini factory right at the construction site. According to the developed technology, more than six thousand decorative elements were manufactured, as well as the sculptures of lions and snow leopards. The artificial marble decorations fit perfectly well with the elements made from genuine stone and look fantastic in the entire composition.

On the first and the second floors of the palace, there are four spacious terraces, which can be accessed from several rooms. Moreover, there are kitchens for winter and summer times, as well as a dining room. A number of staircases connect the terraces with the surrounding park and serve as an additional element of décor.