Suburban Residence

Architect: Leonid Gornik

Address: 67 Sadovaya st., d. Matyushino, Laishevsky district, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

In the course of designing the “Suburban Residence” we mentally transferred to Italy of the 14th century. The architecture of the early Renaissance differs by the strict lines and the logical clarity. Everything is dominated by the rule of divine simplicity. Immerging into these images, we attempted to design a residence full of magnificence of the classical architectural forms.

The front entrance is a complex of two buildings (the main one and the guest one) and the passage way. In the center of the yard, there is a fountain. The system of classical arches on the periphery of the complex creates a unique atmosphere of comfort.

Initially, the main construction site was separated from the section, adjacent to the river, by the road. In an effort to create a functional unity, we built a pedestrian tunnel under the road and marked the entrance into and the exit from the tunnel with two pavilions.

The key role in Renaissance plays a sculpture, which emphasizes on the idea of antiquity itself. The beauty of architectural forms intertwines with the beauty of a human body and the look of noble animals. They seem to guard the firm canons of the human harmony.

Exit to waterfront ends in a special pavilion “Propilei” which is a classical multifunctional construction, functioning as the exit and a yacht dock, a passage way for equipment and launching boats on water, as well as a summer terrace.