MIPIM 2007 Exhibition

Architect: Leonid Gornik

March 13-16, 2007 Mipim (Cannes, France) – International Real Estate Exhibition.

MIPIM Fair is the largest and the most respected and prestigious investment and exposition forum in Europe. It is the Key event in the sphere of immovable property, which during 4 days attracts all serious players in the construction sector – from the developers of concept of the territory to investors and final users. During four days MIPIM reflects the future of rapidly developing real estate market, which allows its participants to see the development of the world market, take their companies to international level and familiarize the audience with the projects.

MIPIM thematic sections:
Real estate
Construction Industry

Residential housing estate in the style of “Renaissance” is projected on the area which is limited by Kasatkina and Telmana streets of Vakhitovsky district of Kazan. It consists of four houses, two of which (4-level with 14 apartments with office premises and 5 level with 6 apartments with office premises) are already built and are put into operation in the year 2005 and the houses that are currently in the design stage -10 level with 32 apartments with two attic floors and office premises and 9-11 level with 80 apartments with parking. The houses that are already built on Kasatkina 15 and 15a are designed in style of baroque palace architecture of ХVIII century with the use of such decorative elements as half-columns, niches, sculptures which create the rich look of the facades and lighting effects which increase the impression created by the buildings. Residential house which is currently being designed has 9-11 levels and will be located on Telman street. It will feature different architectural style – civil architecture of the eclecticism period. The facades of this house feature decorative elements of all three buildings which form the estate, consequently providing complete look which allowed us to call this estate “Renaissance”. 10 level house which is currently being designed and is located on Kasatkina street features the other style of the end of.ХVIII – beginning of ХIХ centuries, which can be identified by the definition «neo gothic» or «pseudo gothic», where the reflection of the gothic style and romanticism of the medieval ages serve as the main feature, but such feature is executed with the use of the most modern technologies and materials. The façade features elements of this style: arrow-headed arches, counterforts, huge windows, decorative ornament featuring natural plant motives.