MIPIM Asia-2006 exhibition

Architect: Leonid Gornik

September 27 – 29, 2006 «MIPIM Asia-2006». Honk Kong (Peoples Republic of China)

International investment exhibition MIPIM ASIA – is Asian Pacific analogue of the prestigious annual investment forum MIPIM which is held in France.

Participants of MIPIM Asia are:
-international investors;
-management companies;
-hotel networks;
-representatives of cities and regions;
-construction firms;
-trade and entertainment centers, mega malls and malls;
-franchise networks;
-consulting companies;
-financial institutions.

From 27 to 30 of September, International investment exhibition MIPIM ASIA took place in Honk Kong – it is Asian Pacific analogue of the prestigious annual investment forum MIPIM which is held in France. The exhibition took place in the Exhibition and Congress Center, which was large enough to house the exhibition of 2006.

MIPIM ASIA – is the only exhibition, which is devoted to investment projects in Pacific region. MIPIM ASIA is an analogue of MIPIM exhibition which takes place each year in France and it gathers more than 20 000 participants from 74 countries.

Business forum of MIPIM ASIA have united more than 2000 participants from 48 countries of the world, consequently providing excellent opportunity for local and international investors, transnational corporations and final users, developers, representatives of the state authorities and brokers in assisting the development of their businesses on international scale.

The exhibition have confirmed the need in the conduct of such event for Asia-pacific region and united local professionals and their colleagues from abroad.

Whatever impression Kazan creates, the main looks are stolen by the bank of Kazanka river high bank and the ancient Kremlin. The panoramic view which can be seen when entering the city is already complete, however there is another important panoramic area from the side of Kazanka river bank. This bank of Kazanka river, for years looked like stretched area filled with low storey dilapidated buildings with small inserts of modern structures. The center of the proposed conceptual design is the square which is covered with trade and administrative buildings of various height. The boulevard which forms an axis of the square connects it with the bank of the river. The final point of the composition is the pier which houses entertainment complex and walking lane leading to fountain on Kazanka river.